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It’s easier to keep a wound clean and sterile when you don’t have to cut them to size. It is always a good idea to take a well stocked kit with you on any trip as things can sometimes go wrong. Time is of the essence when treating an injury in the field. You need to be prepared to save a team member’s life.

The most common form of minor injury is a cut or a graze, so it is always a good idea to carry a handful of Band-Aids in a variety of sizes. Most of the items in your kit last between 2 and 4 years. Each item has an expiration date on it. The kit has the latest cutting edge components and is ready for any injury in the field. The range has boo boo stuff, trauma shears and everything else you need. It is packaged in a giant MOLLE compatible kit that is easily stored and ready for immediate use.

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It is easy to pull stuff out of where they shouldn’t be. A spray with antiseptic can be used to control germs. There are quite a few well made chest seals out there and they come in a wide variety of sizes. The Israeli bandage is called a lot of things, but the original name is the most well known. In our Best Tourniquets article, we go over myths, propper usage, our favorite tourniquets and the best tourniquet holders. They’re okay for training because they aren’t built up to snuff.

It’s Training (get It!)

A pocket size guide shows how to use each item. Our tester was happy to find supplies like a trauma pad, elastic bandages, burn care gel, eye pads and more all neatly organized and labeled. The plastic case is wall mountable and there are enough supplies to treat up to 50 people. I don’t know how many times a supply of gauze has come in useful over the years, but I always carry a first aid kit with it. It can be used to apply pressure to a wound, clean an injury, soak up blood, help stop bleeding, and even form part of a basic dressing for small to medium wounds.


Tension Pneumothorax is the second significant preventable killer because of a sucking chest. It is very easy to apply and the user can do it with one arm. The only thing you need to learn to use this simple bandage is a quick video. It was developed with the military in mind, but now it is being made for the civilian market. The most common injuries that someone on the ground can treat are also the most deadly.

It can be used as an arm sling, a cover for head dressing, or as a tourniquet. You can find our first aid guides on topics such as respiratory assessments IFAK and what to do in case your child is attacked by a bird. You will understand how a baby first aid kit could be used.

The American Red Cross offers classes to help children understand and use first aid techniques. Check your first aid kits frequently to make sure the flashlight batteries work and to replace supplies that have been used up. We can’t change out items in kits because it messes with inventory. Pressure is put on the tissue around the injury to make it less painful.

Should an emergency happen, you will want to make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance to protect you against unforeseen costs. There are anti-septic wipes. Most people overlook antiseptic wipes when thinking of first aid, but they are an essential part of any good pack. Before applying a dressing, antiseptic wipes are perfect for cleaning a cut or wound. Crepe bandages can be elastic orACE.

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Plastic tackle boxes or containers are ideal for storing art supplies because they’re lightweight, have handles, and offer a lot of space and separate sections. Every home should have a well stocked first aid kit. You can handle an emergency at a moment’s notice by having the right supplies. These types of traumatic injuries can be treated with home first aid kits.

I think I could drop a few here that I like. I would use a small and simple flashlight. I used to carry a Streamlight Stylus as a penlight and it was an excellent choice. I need a headlight to keep my hands free. These aren’t designed to save lives, but to make life more comfortable. This is the only part of your kit that you will ever need.

We might get compensation if you click on links. Antibacterial creams. It is a good idea to carry anti-bacterial creams for any cuts you may get. This will help them heal faster and prevent infections.